Sun Project

Genre : GoaTrance
Country : Germany




Let’s get the party rocking! Barely any other Psy Trance act approaches this motto in such a straight way like the S.U.N. Project does. Combining the highly interactive live atmosphere of a band with the hypnotic power of electronic dance music, their one-of-a-kind sound has been an integral part of the musical evolution of Psy Trance since 1996. Countless releases and spectacular stage appearances all around the world made S.U.N. Project a prime example for the huge creative potential of their scene.

Socialized in the Rock and Heavy Metal scene, guitarist Matthias Rumöller, bassist Marco Menichelli and drummer Maik Hinkelmann are first sceptical about the upcoming Trance movement of the early 90ies. But soon after travelling to Goa, India the trio from Hamburg discovers the excessive joy that comes with hypnotic, repetitive grooves and Sci-Fi sound effects. The possibilities of electronic music production open a fascinating new realm of creativity. However, the basic idea of a rock band shall remain the backbone of S.U.N. Project when they start producing Psy Trance under this moniker. On the one hand, the powerful, pumping sound has an unmistakable rocky edge. This feature is even more distinct in some songs that include catchy guitar riffs.

The first S.U.N. Project albums and EP´s were released from 1996 on the legendary label Spirit Zone. It stands for the beginning of a remarkable rich output, but also a rich evolution of sound: Many full-length studio albums were released, the amount of single tracks and compilation titles reaches three-figure numbers. The live show of S.U.N. project enjoys great popularity and was already part of countless festivals and parties in virtually every country where there is a Psy Trance scene. Although the drummer left the project in 2011, there is no pressure drop. The live gigs keep up the energy they have become famous for, while support by new guest drummer makes the shows probably even more lively and unique. In this way, S.U.N. Project consequently lives up to its motto: Let’s get the party rocking!