Nova Fractal

Genre : Goa Trance
Country : Croatia




Renato Brnić aka Nova Fractal is a well-known and internationally recognized Croatian Goa Trance artist who comes from Slavonski Brod.

He is also founder and manager of new Goa label “Timewarp Records”. His musical style can be described as a psychedelic mix newschool goa with oldschool elements and a strong focus on melody lines.

His previous releases such as EP “Main Sequence Star” (Neogoa) and debut album “Fractal Landscape” (Ovnimoon) have achieved great success in the world of goa along with single bands and remixes on numerous compilations in the last few years.

He’s had releases in Timewrap,Ovnimoon,Neogoa,Goa Records, Suntrip Records, Global Sect Music & GOA Madness Records. In the near future, from this multi-productive artist, we can expect another album soon.

He has been part of various International & local events in the underground scene. His side project is “Main Sequence Star”.