Genre : : GoaTrance
Country : United Kingdom




????????? was formed around 1993 from an alliance of studio heads ???? ???? (aka ???? ????????) and Simon Carman with trance traveller DJs and partners in the seminal London Goa party Pagan Mark Allen and Chrisbo, who were recently returned from Goa.

Originally releasing 2 classic UK trance 12”s (Life Is An Illusion and Solid State) on their own homemade ASM label, they soon became part of the burgeoning  London Goa Trance scene, playing their first gig at a Megatripolis party, alongside a reading by the then very much alive shaman Terence McKenna and regularly at the city’s groundbreaking trance night Return To The Source, alongside artists such as Hallucinogen, Doof, Psychaos, Juno Reactor  and Man With No Name.

After about a year, Mark Allen left the band to concentrate on Return To The Source who he was a partner  in and his new project Quirk with Tim Healey While  Chrisbo went on to join Chris Dekkers’s Medicine Drum with Andy Guthrie, leaving John and Simon to carry on as ????????? and to release their own tracks as well as those of friends and fellow musicians in the scene… Phantasm Records was born!

Tragically, Simon died in 1997 following a lengthy battle with leukaemia.

John enlisted his friend musician Ben Wilkin to the fold in ’98 before taking the reins alone around 2000. Since then as ????????? and as a DJ in his own right ???? ???? has traveled the world playing at parties and events for over 20 years, hosting countless Phantasm parties all over the UK, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, Serbia, Macedonia, Holland, Switzerland, Spain ,Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Morocco, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and just about everywhere that has electricity & a sound system.

He continues to perform live as ????????? & DJ as ???? ???????? to the present day.

Phantasm Records and sister label Psychic Deli made its name with early groundbreaking CDs like the Fill Your Head compilations showcasing the best  of the labels releases and the classic Deck Wizards mix series, featuring 90s mixes from the likes of Tsuyoshi, Sid Shanti, Goa Gil, Mark Allen, DJ Dede and Jean Borelli as well as a phenomenal run of classic vinyl 12”s, by Mindfield, Tufaan, Shakta, Orion, Green Nuns, Darshan, Manmademan, Nervasystem, Lunar Asylum and many others.

Over the years and besides Mindfield, John has been part of several projects such as Sundog, Temple Of Dreams, Silver and Steel and Deep Bass 5 (with Simon) Filthy Beasts (With Tim Healey) and Dual Head  (with Vasco Zorflux)

????’s music has been released on numerous labels such as Digital Om, United Beats, Return To The Source, Pyramid Records, Chaos Unlimited Bomm Records, Divine Records, Transient Records, Krembo Records, U.S.T.A, Aquarius, SubTerranean, Why Not Records, Mercury, Phonokol, Breakthrough, Playdoe, Vsionary, Tetsuo, YoYo Records, Activ, Cammo, Rumour Records, Green Cheese,Victor, Tua RecordsCyberoctave, Jumping’ & Pumpin’,Starchild Records, Element Records, Arcadia Music, Yellow Sunshine ExplosionZoom,Vision Quest, Sigma  and many more.

More recently, MINDFIELD have released collaborations with Mad Maxx, Dickster, Cosmosis, Kaleidor, Bisto Boys and of course Eskimo