John Phantasm

Genre : : GoaTrance
Country : United Kingdom




John Phantasm has been part of the psytrance scene since the very beginning, with the first Phantasm cd released in 1993.

Phantasm releases have been a major force in the psytrance world ever since, regularly featuring in the playlists of every DJ large or small on the circuit today.

With early ground-breaking releases like the Fill Your Head With Phantasm compilations, or the Deck Wizards mix series, featuring early mixes from the likes of Tsuyoshi, Goa Gil, Mark Allen and Jean Borelli among others, a phenomenal run of classic vinyl 12”s, right up to the present with superb contemporary releases like the In The Forest, Ancient Encounters and World In Action compilations,

the label has always pushed the boundaries forward.

Phantasm has been the launch pad for many of the artists in the trance world today, featuring the first or early releases of the psy scenes biggest stars such as Dickster, Mad Maxx, Bliss, X-Noize, Timelock and of course John’s son Eskimo, one of the scenes brightest and most original talents.

Originally part of the group Mindfield – with among others Return To The Source’s Mark Allen – and then as a DJ in his own right he has travelled the world playing at parties and events for the last 25 years, hosting countless Phantasm parties all over the UK and in USA, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, Russia, Greece, Cyprus, UAE, Serbia, Croatia, Portugal, Macedonia, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Morocco, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and just about everywhere that has electricity & a sound system…



April 2022 will see the Brazilian debut – at Sao Paulo’s mammoth

420  Voltz festival of DJ John Phantasm’s tribute to the music of his son DJ Junya aka Eskimo one of the most exciting and beloved projects ever to hit the electronic music scene in Brazil

Junya – now known as Jonny – is currently enjoying massive worldwide success with his project Joyryde, based in Los Angeles and performing in some of the worlds largest events such as EDC,

Lollapalooza and Ultra, and collaborating with the likes of Skrillex, Diplo and Slander.

He no longer performs as Eskimo, but the music lives on in this Tribute To Eskimo performance.. featuring all the hits, fan favourites bootlegs, mashups and rarities, this is a must for all fans of the original Ginger Ninja..



Father of Eskimo and the owner of legendary UK psytrance label Phantasm records, John has been around the psy scene almost since the very beginning of the genre, performing around the world either with his live act Mindfield or as a DJ in his own right.