Genre : Goa Trance, Ambient & Downtempo
Country : Portugal




JAHGALI ( Jagali means Savage in Punjabi, a lost Indian-European language and the H is to make a reference to Jah Rastafari) is António Silva, born in 1991 in the city of Porto, Portugal.
Although the contact with mixing came very late (end of 2016), he was always passionate about music in its many genres. Most of his life, he was a performer, dancer, actor, and the contact with music was constant, especially after he discovered the Trance scene in 2012! He instantly got addicted to the Goa culture so he decided to share his love through Music.

This project is focused in Goa, and the most recent related genre, Neo Goa! He has a second project called MeloDruid signed with Kunayala Productions from Portugal, where he explores the most deep and chilled sounds from, downtempo, ethnic, ambient, psy dub to deep-house and progressive and melodic techno with a hint of psychedelic music. So his musical flexibility is undeniable.
Still learning, this recent DJ caused an instant impact in the Portuguese Trance scene, and the underground Goa scene, having played for the biggest organizations in the country and made is international debut in Spain, playing at the official warm up party of Connection Festival, one of the best Goa festivals in the world!

He has performed in all the main festivals in Portugal and across Europe (Belgium, Luxembourg, etc) in some big parties. Known for his incredible and contagious energy combined with serious selections and technical mixes, he is a floor boost.

He is part of the iconic Goa Madness Records from Belgium, a professional records with names such as Ephedra, Proxeeus, Jara Luca, Ohm mind, etc etc etc, and a member, artist and staff of 604 Freaks Prod and Rec based in Portugal were they work in many fronts to keep the culture alive and preserved!

The more and more he falls in love with the movement and the science of sound, the more he evolves and innovates. Still a long way to go for him as an Artist and more in this genre, but the future STILL looks promising.