Genre : Goa Trance
Country : Serbia




Behind the project, DaPEACE is Damir Scasni from Belgrade -Serbia, Suntrip Records label DJ,the man behind GOA EXPERIENCE parties and part of ChaoticBeats and Wicked Forest crew.

Highly respected and appreciated among artists and DJs and one of the busiest trance DJs in Serbia. Almost two decades of DJing experience, open to all kinds of psychedelic music, pushing forth limitless, high-quality production to resonate the essence of a full, musically driven story.

Inspired by the beauty that surrounds us all within festivals, nature, and pure psychedelic culture, he pours out his heart and soul, delivering emotion and energy, which in turn, moves galactic spirits into melodic, pulse driven grooves, creating an undeniable energy exchange.

Aside from exchanging music energy, he has immersed himself in the scene, promoting and hosting events. He has also had the opportunity to play and organize events alongside legendary acts such as Man With No Name, Total Eclipse, Shakta, Etnica, Hux Flux, KoxBox, Logic Bomb, Dickster, Cosmosis, Atmos… and has also made appearances at Lost Theory (Croatia), PSY FI (Netherlands), Connection (Spain), Transylvaliens (Romania), SUN Festival (Hungary), Apsara (Romania), Hueznar (Spain), BioRitme (Spain), Balkan Goa Fanatics (Croatia), Life Celebration (Croatia), Revolution (Romania), Elysium Island (Serbia), PLUR (Serbia), Jungle Island (Serbia), Wicked Forest (Serbia) and EXIT (Serbia).